Keep your writing rolling

Mythic captures all of your world-building ideas and keeps them organised.

Write the way you like

Write your adventures in Markdown or use editor elements to format your text. Link multiple story plot lines with smart linking. Embed images, videos, and tables. Give your players visual aides for the monsters they battle.

Enjoy a seamless writing experience

Start writing your campaigns as soon as you open the editor. Mythic is that simple! You don’t need to spend hours learning how to use it.

Focus on your adventures

Ever been overwhelmed by the RPG campaign managers? Mythic has a readable, simple, and clean design. All you need to stay focused on your next RPG campaign.

Import and export your campaign notes any time

Easily import existing writing you already have - Mythic can import .txt - plain text files and .md - markdown files. If you ever want to take your work elsewhere, Mythic supports downloading your Markdown files in .zip file format.

Navigate your adventures with powerful search

With Mythic’s lightning-fast search you can quickly find the content that you need while running games at the table. Pages are cached for super-fast load times so you focus on your adventures, not loading screens.

And it's totally free! Join our beta today