Code of Conduct

Updated 1-July-2021 for public beta launch

Building safe communities is important, but can be tough. We’re probably going to get it wrong from time to time. While we have and will try to be aware of our biases, we are open to correction and improvement. If you feel this CoC can be made better or enforced better, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why a Code of Conduct?

Mythic is an ecosystem where people should come to create and enjoy themselves. To that end, anyone that interacts with the Mythic editor to create, share, or play agrees to this Code of Conduct. This Code is meant to outline the values upon which Mythic is built. Namely, one of respect, enjoyment, inclusion, and acceptance. Violating these rules can cause action up to and including banning users from using any Mythic products at the discretion of the Mythic team.

Editor Content

We do not want to censor or otherwise restrict your content in any way. However, if you are using the Mythic editor to create and/or share abusive, defamatory, or otherwise offensive content, it is at the discretion of our team to ban the offending user from our platform. This will usually be a last resort action following warnings and attempted communication with the user.

Content containing the following will be at risk of deletion and the creator may be banned from using Mythic.

  • Excessive and/or vulgar use of slurs

    • Including, but not limited to, offensive comments related to gender, expression, age, sexual orientation, physical appearance, race, disability, ethnicity, and religion.
  • Inappropriate or vulgar photos/images

    • This is at the discretion of the Mythic team. In general we do not wish to restrict your creativity by censoring your images, however using Mythic to share vulgar imagery, including but not limited to depictions of excessive nudity, violence, and drug use, may result in warnings or a ban depending on the context of the images in question.
  • Stolen content

    • Using Mythic to organize reference images and/or background research written by someone else is totally fine.
    • We do not tolerate plagiarism. Using Mythic to publish or otherwise share content that isn’t yours without permission from the original author/artist will result in a warning. Your account will be banned if the offending content is not removed.


If your content is being shared and/or used online across any social media platform for the purpose of harassment your Mythic account will be banned.

If you are caught harassing anyone online (including our social platforms like Discord) you may be banned from using Mythic and from accessing us across social media.


Anyone asked to cease behavior which violates this code of conduct is expected to do so immediately.

Warnings for harassing activities are not guaranteed, and any user conducting harassment online may be banned from using Mythic without warning at the discretion of our team.


The Mythic team is here to assist you. If you think this code has been violated, we encourage you to inform us via or through our Discord. We take complaints seriously, whether it is a creator, player, someone you met in our Discord, or anyone else. Please let us know; we promise to take all reports seriously, respectfully, and confidentially. Adherence to this Code of Conduct is a fundamental aspect of using and enjoying Mythic; people who violate it are not welcome in our community.