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For game masters

  • Designed for frictionless use at the table
  • Related content shown within current page
  • Fast, searchable, and organised your way
  • Find new and unique content *
  • Beginner to experienced adventures *

For writers & creators

  • RPG content writing made simple
  • Automatically link between pages
  • Easily import and export your writing
  • Package and monetise your creations *
  • Optionally allow others to modify and re-sell your content *
* Upcoming features
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Focus on your adventures, not loading screens

Don’t let slow loading get in the way of running your game. Mythic supports pre-caching so your content is ready to go whenever you are.

Easy page navigation with smart linking

Mythic automatically creates links when the text matches a page title. With preview pop-ups you can view your linked content without leaving the current page.

Read and view your content offline

No internet connection? No worries, Mythic saves previously viewed pages for offline reading so you can run your RPG campaign from anywhere in the world.

Creating and using your TTRPG content is easier than it’s ever been

Our goal is to make writing and reading content fast and seamless, without bogging down your creative process. No more digging through a stack of loose papers at the table or waiting for that giant PDF to load and then scrolling through to find the correct page.

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